Slotted perforation

About Product:

Standard slot patterned perforated sheets are available in the following dimensions. Please refer to our downloadable Perforated Metal chart for further product information and illustrations. [PDF]


LR2.4 x 25.4mm U7.4 x 35.4mm Tilley Perforated Metal
(Obround 2.4 x 25.4mm @ 5mm Side Bar, 10mm End Bar Square Pitch 23% open area)
Stainless Steel 304 grade: 1.5mm
Stainless Steel 316 grade 1.2mm, 1.6mm

LR3.0 x 31.75mm U3.0 x 31.75mm Tilley Perforated Metal
(Obround 3.0 x 31.75mm @ 6.5mm Side Bar, 10mm End Bar Square Pitch 24% open area)
Mild Steel: 1.6mm

LR3.0 x 20.0mm Z12.0 x 23.0mm Tilley Perforated Metal
(Obround 3.0 x 20.0mm @ 3mm Side Bar, 3mm End Bar Square Pitch 40% open area)
Mild Steel: 1.5mm

LR6.6 x 25.0mm Z24.0 x 31.0mm Tilley Perforated Metal
(Obround 6.6 x 25.0mm @ 5.4mm Side Bar, 6mm End Bar Staggered Pitch 44% open area)
Galv: 1.6mm


Orders and Enquiries

When enquiring and ordering Tilley Perforated Material it is most helpful if customers can have the following information:-

1. Perforation Number / Hole Diameter
2. Type of Material
3. Material Thickness
4. Number of Sheets Required

In addition to the standard range, A.E. Tilley Ltd can manufacture non standard designs to order, however it should be noted that the material thickness can not exceed the diameter of the holes.

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