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Testing the boundaries? Tilley Designline Bespoke and Custom Perforation brings ideas to reality with flexibility, responsiveness & timeliness. Our in-house Tech Centre uses the latest processing design & drawing, such as Solid Works Modeling and AutoCAD, to refine your concept before production begins. Capacity and high speed punching is achieved through our five CNC Turret Punch Presses. Our latest Motorum 2558 Turret Press offers the best in custom and precision punching, with a sheet size capacity of 1525x5000mm and a punching accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm.

We work comfortably with an incredibly wide range of materials, thicknesses and sizes. Whether your design is basic or complex, standard or custom, we offer perforation patterns to suit a multitude of decorative or functional requirements.
Contact one of our Branches to discuss and evaluate your concept, collaborate on the best methods and materials for producing it, then create the right solution with any fabrication, finishing and delivery services.

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