Types of Material Handling Equipment Wellington You Need to Know

Are you aware of the types of Material Handling Equipment Wellington? Do you know these equipments can impact everything right from profit margins to productivity?

Today, the selection of the right equipment is very important to the success of the industry or the manufacturer.

Based on the role they play in the manufacturing process the material handling equipment Wellington can be further classified into different categories:

  1. Transportation material handling equipment:

This type of equipment is used to move goods & materials from one location to another. These also include both internal as well as external machinery.

  • Internal machinery includes
  • A conveyor belt.
  • Forklift truck.
  • A hoist that is used to move materials.
  • External machinery includes
  • Shipping containers or commercial trucks.
  • These are used to move goods to retail outlets and stores.

This type of equipment is very useful in export and import business or any sort of business that basically deals in transportation.

  1. Positioning material handling equipment:

These types of materials handling equipment are used to move products & materials. It includes feeders and automated robots.

This also includes tilt tables that lower or lift assembled goods or pallets. This includes hoists or lifts that are used to store materials on a warehouse shelf.

  1. Storage and retrieval:

This includes all the shelving and racks to keep the goods after the production process.

Usually, the products that are stored on the floor or directly on pallets do not include any kind of equipment for storage.

  1. Load-formation:

This includes the packing machinery that is used to get the goods ready for shipping. This includes:

  • Crates and boxes.
  • Shirk-wrapping machines that are used to wrap plastics tightly.
  • Skids and pallets that are used to stack the products.
  • Bulk handling containers that can store products like oil, grain, or liquid.
  1. Identification and control:

This includes systems that are used to track the goods as they move through the process of manufacturing & distribution. It has Inventory control software programs.

Also, it has Bar codes or tags that are used to identify packaging and portable magnetic stripe or portable bar code readers.

All of these types of material handling equipment are necessary for a factory or manufacturing plant to operate smoothly.

  1. Bulk Material Handling:

These types of materials handling equipment can be used to store and transport materials in bulk form.

Among others these materials also include food, liquid, or minerals.

These types of custom made equipments are designed to move large quantities of materials through the use of drums and hoppers.

  1. Engineered systems:

Engineered systems consist of a variety of units that work cohesively to allow storage and transportation.

Also, the shuttle system can perform fully automated functions. It can quickly locate a storage item’s location and can quickly retrieve it for other uses.

Final Words:

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